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You've listed a job - what's next?

A few quick tips on streamlining your hiring cycle once your ad goes live.

The time in between posting a job advertisement and actually nominating a person, or people, to interview, can be a bit of a waiting game.

For some, it’s also a completely unfamiliar situation, because not all companies advertise for staff on a regular basis.

But this period of time – the “in between” - does not need to be purely about just waiting for CVs to roll in.

Using our JobSmart platform, there are plenty of ways you can organise, screen and manage the CVs that are received during this time, so that the whole process is streamlined nicely, rather than facing a chaotic mess on the day the ad closes.

Access JobSmart

We know the recruitment process inside out, and we know how to make it easier for all our job advertisers.

Our Applicant Tracking System, accessible through the JobSmart platform has been developed to support you through the hiring process so you have the best chance of finding that perfect new employee to fill the empty desk.

Features include:

  • See new applicants as soon as they arrive.
  • Screen applicants as you go, and categorise them as suitable or not suitable at the click of a button.
  • Quickly download CV and cover letters and view contact details in one glance.
  • Add notes to yourself and your colleagues about applications as they arrive for quick and easy reference later.
  • Create a list of applicants you’re interviewing for smooth and easy access to their information.

Stay organised

As you begin to receive responses to your ad, using our JobSmart’s Applicant Tracking System you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently categorise applicants according to their suitability.

You can add your own notes to each profile, and sharing information and thoughts with your colleagues. Because you can rapidly download cover letters and CVs either at your desk or on mobile, categorising CVs as they arrive is super easy and efficient.

That way, when the closing date for applications arrives, you may already be in a position to choose your top candidates from your pre-prepared shortlist, rather than facing a huge pile of CVs to sift through.

After all, time is money.