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Is that beer keg really yours to sell?

You can't sell beer kegs, promotional fridges, subscription TV receivers or hire purchases as you don't have 'title'

By Trust and Safety 11 February 2021

Occasionally we are contacted by brands that have spotted property that belongs to them being listed for sale on Trade Me.

We’re asked if we can get in touch with the seller, and that seller might just be you.

Trade Me only allows you to list items for sale that are actually yours, are in your possession, and that you are legally allowed to sell.

This means you cannot sell items bought on hire purchase (HP) that are still being paid off. These types of purchases usually means that the ownership or ‘title’ is retained by the seller until the item is fully paid off. If a buyer defaults on payment, the seller has the right to repossess the item.

But did you also know that promotional appliances from some suppliers like a Tip Top ice cream fridge, or equipment like a SKY TV satellite receiver, usually remain the property of that company?

We regularly work with brands like SKY TV, DB Breweries, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Tip Top and Streets – to name a few, who report listings on the site for decoders, remote controls, receivers, beer kegs (we know you use them for your home brew beer!), freezers and fridges.

These items all remain the property of these companies, and should be returned to them rather than listed for sale on Trade Me.

If we have contacted you about your listing it means that the company would like their gear back, and we’ll give you their details to get in touch and arrange its return.

Alternatively, if you think you have some stuff from when you used to own a dairy, have moved into a house that has an old satellite receiver in the garage, or have cleared out your man-cave and have a couple of beer kegs knocking around, please get in touch with the brand or supplier and find out how you can get their gear back to them (their phone number is usually on the equipment).

Creative Commons image used courtesy jchatoff.


Trust and Safety
Trust and Safety