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Trade Me's blog on Trust and Safety issues.

Taking scammers down for the count

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We fully appreciate the serious impact that fraud can have on our members; we’ve seen some horror stories in our time.

Trade Me puts a large investment in time, energy and money into preventing fraud so that our site is a safe place to trade. 

We know that 99% of fraud attempts get knocked out before even making the ring, but every so often some slip through the ropes.

Our Site Policing team works 24/7 primed and ready to flex their rippling digital muscle to stop that other 1 per cent getting through and they’re pretty good at it.

It’s really important that our members don’t let their guard down either.

Just as you wouldn’t risk entering the ring without a mouth guard, you shouldn’t use Trade Me without knowing our top three tips for staying safe:

Never send money overseas

You should never pay by Western Union, telegraphic transfer, bank transfer or overseas money order in order to complete a trade you made on Trade Me. Everyone on Trade Me must have a New Zealand bank account.

You don’t need to pay via PayPal, we don’t have a ‘shipping agent’ based in the UK, and no one from Malaysia wants to by your 16 year old Nissan Sunny for thousands of dollars over the asking price.

Only complete trades through Trade Me

If you get a text or email from the ‘seller’ of a listing and you haven’t actually won it, and they are offering the item to you for a knock down price, most likely the item doesn’t actually exist and the offer is a con.

That’s why we warn people about the dangers of posting their contact details on Trade Me, as it presents an easy ‘in’ for scammers to contact you directly and try and sway you to their scam.

Pay via Pay Now (credit card)

If it is offered by the seller, consider using our Pay Now payment tool.

There are some inherent protections in paying with your credit card, especially being able to get your money back if the goods don’t turn up (known as a charge back).

Also we cover sellers if a buyers attempts to use a stolen credit card – it’s win win for all parties.

Check out our safe buying guide for more advice.