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What is Pay Now? Why should I use it?

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Pay Now is a payment platform provided and hosted by Trade Me. It enables buyers to pay sellers via credit or debit card transaction for their trades.

There are no additional fees when you pay, but you do need to be an authenticated Trade Me member. 

Why use Pay Now?

Pay Now has two great benefits for buyers.

Firstly, paying with a credit or debit card offers a heightened level of security should you experience any unforeseen issues with your trade.

  • When items are purchased using a credit or debit card, a buyer has the assurance that their payment will be investigated if there’s a problem and potentially refunded if it can be proven that the goods were not sent/delivered, or if the item supplied was deemed to be defective. This is called a ‘chargeback’ and information on the process will often be available on the card issuer’s website (such as your bank).
  • Transactions are processed over secure payment gateways and any high risk transactions are investigated to ensure that your card is being used by you and hasn’t simply been found in the park or nicked from your bag.

Secondly, Pay Now offers a streamlined payment process.

  • Simply click the option that states ‘Pay by credit card’ and you’ll be taken to a secure payments form. Enter the card number along with specific contact details, delivery instructions and any other information required. The seller receives the payment and information quickly, meaning you get the goods faster.

How do we keep you safe?

Like banks, we monitor all credit card payments that come through our Pay Now system in order to reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

We have a team that works 24/7 to keep you safe.

We make attempts to ensure that both sellers and card holders are protected and that transactions made via the service are accurate and secure.

This means that occasionally Trade Me staff will call a cardholder to ensure that the card is being used with their permission. An example of this could be if you buy your partner a secret present using your sibling’s membership. 

You might get a call about this – and that’s just to make sure your credit card is being used with your permission.

We have robust systems in place to keep your card details secure and safe.

You can also keep your credit card safe by following these tips.

How do I find listings that use Pay Now?

When searching the site you can sort your search by ‘Pay Now’.


When browsing look out for the green PN icon which denotes a trade enabled for payment using credit or debit card.


Take aways

  • Pay Now is a very safe way to pay for trades
  • It’s faster than internet banking
  • You can find Pay Now listings using the sort option.     

If you are a seller, learn more about accepting credit or debit card payments on your listings.

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