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What to do if we ask you for ‘proof of goods’

Proof -of -goods

One of our key requirements when selling on Trade Me is that the seller must have the goods in their possession prior to listing them on the site.

This helps to ensure trades go as smoothly as possible.

Our Policing team uses what we call the ‘proof of goods’ process to ensure sellers are selling items they actually have, and to reduce the risk of items not showing up post trade.

If you’ve been asked to provide this information, don’t sweat it, the process is relatively simple. Follow the instructions in the email we sent.

If we ask for a photo and you’re selling more than one item that we’ve requested proof of, these all need to be in the same photo. If you need to take an item out the box, do so.

Note: there is no need to send us proof before we ask. It is important this process is only done following a request from Trade Me.

While we’re waiting to hear from you, a few restrictions will be applied to your account. You won’t be able to create another listing and buyers can’t use the buy now.

Don’t worry though, this is only temporary and will be removed once the proof has been received – so it’s in your interest to reply to our proof of goods request as soon as possible.

In certain circumstances, you may also be asked to supply proof of your personal identification. This is an additional security check.

Once you’ve sent the requested info, our goal is to review it within 24 hours. The faster a proof of goods is sent in, the faster we can review it.

This all happens in the background of your auction and other members aren’t notified of the request.

We understand this may be a frustrating process for genuine sellers, however this is a great tool for the Fraud Prevention Team team to help keep Trade Me a trusted and safe site to use.