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All children's nightwear must be labelled with fire hazard information

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Did you know that children’s nightwear is subject to a product safety standard which requires all children's nightwear (including some types of daywear) to carry a fire hazard label?

This is set out in the Product Safety Standards (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear Having Reduced Fire Hazard) Regulations 2016, which mandate the standard AS/NZS 1249:2014.

Basically, this means that all children's nightwear listed on Trade Me must meet the requirements of the standard. See the above image for what is required. 

This information on labels helps parents and caregivers to ensure that all clothing suitable for children to wear at night is either designed to reduce fire danger or is made of fabric that is less likely to burn.

This is intended to reduce the risk of death and harm from fire hazards such as cabinet heaters and open fires.

It’s important to bear in mind that all clothing and fabric will burn. When we use heaters or light fires, we have to be extra careful about the safety and suitability of our children’s nightwear.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ ‘golden rule’ is to keep children and babies ‘a metre from the heater’.

If you are listing any of these types of products on Trade Me, you need to comply with the standard i.e. have the appropriate warning label attached to the clothing and ensure the product has been tested to match the label.

If the nightwear has not been tested and it does not have the correct label, it cannot be listed on the site.

If Trade Me determines you are selling nightwear (including second hand items) that do not meet the requirements of the product safety standard, we’ll remove those listings and may also result in Trade Me taking action against your membership.

Children's nightwear cannot simply be sold as 'ordinary' clothing in other categories on the site. 

Members should be wary of selling Disney product from the United States as it is very likley to be non-compliant in NZ. 

The Commerce Commission is responsible for enforcing the regulations and they are able to warn or prosecute persons who fail to comply with them.

Trade Me has worked with the Commission in the past to resolve some issues in this space.

For clarity, only the white and red labels are acceptable. The old orange labels cannot be used, even on second hand goods. 

What types of children's wear are covered by the regulations?

The Commerce Commission has provided the following advice on their fact sheet:

Most children's wear suitable for nightwear and sized between 00 and 14 is covered by the regulations. The size range covers children between six months and 14 years of age.

The types of childrens' wear covered includes:

  • pyjamas and pyjama type over-garments
  • nightdresses and nightshirts
  • dressing gowns and bathrobes
  • infant sleepbags with sleeves or arm openings
  • knitted all-in-ones in sizes 00 to 2 where more than 80 per cent of the item is closely fitted, these can be styled for either daywear or nightwear
  • woven all-in-ones in sizes 00 to 2 and all-in-ones over size 2 that are styled for nightwear
  • loose style boxer shorts normally used for nightwear
  • any other children's wear recognisably and exclusively designed as nightwear.

The next three images are of non compliant labels or markings 

The first is a label that does not have the words 'low fire danger'.


This second image is not an attached label nor is of the correct wording so doesn't comply.


This is not a label but a 'swing tag' so is also non compliant.


More comprehensive information can be found here:

  • Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ guide