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International sellers are now on Trade Me

Trade Me has opened up its borders and now has a few internationally based sellers trading on the site.

This is a big change from the tradition of having only Kiwi and Australian based sellers.

It’s part of our previously announced goal of providing New Zealanders with local access to an increased range of products from global brands on Trade Me.

Only international sellers who meet our requirements for selling from overseas are allowed to do so. 

You can tell who is a legitimate international seller is by checking the shipping details that are found at the bottom of every listing:

International -seller

You can see where the seller is located by checking out their profile.

If you come across a member who appears to be selling from overseas but doesn’t have their location set as an actual country such as 'Australia', 'USA', or 'Hong Kong' etc they are probably breaching our Terms and Conditions – feel free to let us know

Remember, if you are buying from an international seller be wary that Customs duties may apply and that as the importer of the goods, you may be responsible for any duties that apply.