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Hook and loop fastener - it’s a ripping good time

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Blue Tack



Pink Batts

Jet Ski


Bubble Wrap

Crock Pot

Chap Stick


What on Earth is this a list of?

It's a list of trademarks that consumers often use to describe their generic counterparts.

And if you are a brand, it’s a bit of a double edged sword. You’re stoked that your brand name has become the one on everyone's lips but you run the risk of the trade mark’s effect being ‘lost’ if the word becomes too commonly used.

So what do you do?

You promote and protect your brand! The goal is stop other companies from using your brand name incorrectly.

And you encourage consumers to use your trade mark correctly.

Over the years the Trade Me Trust and Safety team have worked with brands to help them protect their trademark names and stop them from becoming generic or common use.

If it's not Gib, it's plaster board.

If it's not Pink Batts, it's a bale of insulation.

Velcro brand are one of the rights holders we work with, and let me tell you, they are passionate about their trade mark!  

Someone at Velcro got serious enough about protecting their Velcro trade mark to create this tongue-n-cheek video to educate the punters about their magical ‘hook and loop’ product.

Check out this video:


Classic hook and loop comedy.

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