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Cyber Smart 2019 - Use a Password Manager

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Here at Trade Me we’ve signed up as an official partner of Cyber Smart Week, because your online security is something we hope you take as seriously as we do.

To kick things off let’s start with the basics.

If there is one thing we would expect our members to know off the bat it’s that keeping your password safe - and making it a good one - is important.

Your password is the magic key to your Trade Me account, and if not safeguarded correctly it can cause you a bunch of trouble down the line.

We won’t pretend that most of us don’t reuse passwords. We all know we shouldn’t, but it can be hard to keep track of everything and you should never write them down anywhere.

We’ve written in detail before about what you should be doing, as we all know what can happen when things go wrong, but at the bare minimum your Trade Me password should be different than your email password.

Scammers are clever.

They really are.

In August 2017, 711 million email addresses were publically released in the Onliner Spambot credentials dump. To put this into perspective if every one of these email addresses belonged to a different person then just over 9% of the world would have had theirs compromised.

While we can’t be sure where the list came from, we can be sure that since its release it has been used to target Trade Me members and other NZ companies.

Having a “” in your email address immediately identifies you as in NZ, and as we have over 4 million people on the site scammers are smart enough to use this to their advantage.

Using a password manager is an easy way to protect yourself online — and you’ll only need to remember one password for all your online accounts.

Head over to CERT to learn how to set up a password manager and keep your data - and yourself - safe online.