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Update your devices - Cyber Smart Week 2019

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Our latest update on Cyber Smart Week is for you to update too - this is a reminder that your Trade Me accounts aren’t the only thing that need protection.

With so many of your electronics and apps set to automatically update these days, it can be easy to forget that some of them don’t.

Operating systems (OS) and internet browsers can fall through the proverbial 'update cracks' and in turn act as the gateway to breaching your online security.

It’s easy enough to click the “remind me later” option when an update request pops up, because who doesn’t love waiting a good 40 minutes for a reboot, but hitting that can leave gaps in your device’s security.

Updating the OS on your device is one of the best things you can do to help protect yourself against cyber-crime.

Some internet browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, automatically update so you don’t need to worry about this unless you choose to turn that function off.

However, that’s where you can run into trouble - take the recent Google Chrome vulnerability as an example. The leading Google Chrome security expert Justin Schuh put it like this: “update your Chrome installs... like right this minute”.

It can be pretty unnerving to be exposed to stuff like this, so the easiest thing you can do is set and forget: turn on auto-update on all devices and browsers you can, and just hit that ‘update’ button when it comes up so it’s out of the way.

In a perfect world all our members would have the most up to date browsers and apps. This wouldn’t only make the lives of our developers much easier, but it’d ultimately make everything better for everyone involved.

As the user you’d be better protected, have any bugs from previous versions ironed out, and not run into any Trade Me site functionality issues because the browser you’re using is too old.

So please, please update your stuff, and in the free moment you have while your device is updating, head over to CERT for more on keeping up with your updates.

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