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Using Two Factor Authentication - Cyber Smart 2019

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This week we’ve already covered the importance of having unique passwords and using a password manager, but there’s plenty more that you can do to add extra layers of protection.

Turning on two-factor authentication (2FA) can help stop scammers from getting into your stuff.

Here at Trade Me this isn’t something you can turn on (or off) yourself, our Site Security team run it in the background all the time, and may require you to verify yourself if something suspicious is detected on your account.

For example, if we believe your password may have been stolen, your account will be restricted and you may be able to unlock your account by getting a code sent to your registered mobile.

That is why it’s so important to keep your contact information up to date (you can do that here).

If your account is restricted in this way, when you attempt to login a note will pop up that stating that  ‘we believe someone has tried to access your account without your permission’.

It then gives you that option to have the code sent, or to call our Site Security team on 0800 334 332.