Trust & Safety

Trade Me's blog on Trust and Safety issues.

Trust & Safety guiding principles

1. Our website is built on trust

Trade Me works on the basis that people who’ve never met each other send money for goods they have never seen.

And that takes a huge element of trust.

Trade Me works to build and retain that trust.

2. People and products need to be safe

We take the safety of our members really seriously. We want everyone who uses Trade Me to be safe and free from harm.

3. The more members know about online trading, the better

Trade Me is a market place or a venue where buyers and sellers come together to meet. Making sure people are aware of their responsibilities towards each other is a great way to help.

That’s why we have this Trust and Safety blog and guides such as Top 10 Ways to keep yourself netsafe  and 'keeping your password safe', as well as the Help pages, the Community section, and Site Announcements.

4. This is not the Wild West, there’s a sheriff in town

Members who cause a break down in trust or create unsafe situations for others can expect Trade Me to take action as a result of such behaviour.

This means that we need to act quickly and decisively when items that are illegal, or otherwise banned or restricted, appear on the site.

We’ll also do our best to protect our members from those who seek to take advantage of their trust.

5. Help us keep it clean

We can’t get our eyes across every listing.

If you see something out of place or just plain wrong, let us know via Community Watch (found at the bottom of every listing) and we’ll look into it.