Property selling advice

There are many ways of selling your property. Whether you choose to sell it privately or through an agency, we can help you prepare your home to sell for an optimal price.

Preparing to sell

Getting your home ready to hit the market

Selling guide | 3 min read
Renovating to sell: when to DIY and when to call a professional

Here are some key things to think about when renovating to sell.

6 December 2023

Selling guide | 3 min read
How to find the right home stager

Check out these five things to consider when thinking about staging your home.

Selling guide | 4 min read
Hidden costs of selling a home

Ready to sell your home? Read this list of often overlooked costs involved in selling your home thanks to List Now.

Using an agent

Many homeowners prefer to use an agent when selling their home

Selling guide | 3 min read
How to Choose a Real Estate Agent - Selling guide

It's all about asking the right questions when it comes to choosing the right agent for you.

Selling guide | 2 min read
Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent

It can be tempting to think of selling your home privately because it seems easy and cost effective. But is it?

Selling guide | 2 min read
Paying Agent Commissions - Selling Guide

A real estate agent earns their keep through commissions rather than a fixed fee.

Marketing your property

From general sprucing up, photography and writing a great ad copy, here are a few things to consider when marketing your property.

Selling guide | 3 min read
How to list a property on Trade Me when selling privately

Tips for creating an eye-catching listing.

Selling guide | 5 min read
10 tips for taking great photos that will help sell the house

A few tips on how to catch the buyer's eye and help sell your home.

Selling guide | 4 min read
8 tips to make your open home a success

First impressions are key when selling. Make sure your house is sale-ready with our practical tips.