Ideas to create the backyard of any kid’s dreams this summer

Ignite their imagination and spark their interests with ideas to create the ultimate backyard of any kids dreams!

Not only will they be enchanted and engaged for hours on end – they’ll be getting an education too.

Set the scene...

For their imagination to run wild! Pretend-play is even more exciting when they can climb, dig, splash and jump their way through it.


While they’re swinging over lava and sliding down waterfalls, they’ll also be building hand-to-eye coordination. When browsing at-home playgrounds, be sure to filter by location – you’ll definitely need a trailer!

Ultimate Playgrounds has an exciting range of sets, individual pieces and accessories.

Sand pits and water pools

A paddling pool or sandpit filled up with water, sand or ball pit balls could be the ocean, the desert – or a whole new planet!

Jump for joy

Search for trampolines or second-hand bouncy castles! Bouncing stimulates nearly every sense, and will inspire a whole lot of gymnastic confidence, rhythm and balance.

Create kid-sized spaces

They look great too!

Whether they like to read on their own or just run around – give their favourite activities an upgrade with an outdoor hideout to call their own.

Treehouses, playhouses, castles and forts...

Create anything that resembles a mini version of a home! Teepees come in various designs and are a great low-commitment option (that also look great with your outdoor furniture!) Adding some kid-sized furniture or something as simple as a chalkboard (accessible by tiny people only, perhaps?) will inspire hours of creativity and independence.

Summer is the perfect time to sink your teeth into a fun project with your kids. Browse the building and renovation section onsite, and nab some recycled wood, secondhand tools and even pre-loved joinery to create the treehouse of their dreams. Supersize arts and crafts time for your little ones and get them involved with painting – you'll end up with a masterpiece!

Nest swing

Beware – because these nest swings accommodate multiple kids, you’ll be the most popular house in the neighbourhood! Otherwise, they’re a calming spot to read a book and watch the clouds.

Kid-sized garden kit

Giving them their own set of tools for the garden will set them up for success. Find seedlings for cheap and a small greenhouse – they’ll be growing (and hopefully eating) their own home-grown vegetables all year round.

Encouraging interests

Choose items that support your child’s unique interests and talents – one kids’ fantasy backyard will never be the same as another's!

Learning a great life skill is always a plus!


From a basketball hoop, to these epic monkey bars or even just a rugby ball – the right sports gear and equipment are essential to create an outdoor space that gets their heart-rate up and teaches them perseverance.

Hobbies & Creative Streaks

Give them a pack of outdoor chalk and the driveway is their canvas! If you don’t have any concrete at your house, a layer of chalkboard paint on an old picnic table makes for arty afternoon teas.

One key toy

Do they like stars or cars? A telescope in their tree hut or ride-on toy could be all they need to engage in quality, meaningful play. Let your imagination run wild here – it could be as simple as a costume, metal detector, bow and arrow set, or even a bubble machine!

Best easiest items

Make outdoor playtime out-of-this-world fun no matter how small your backyard or budget.

Nothing beats the outdoors!

Walkie Talkies

A pair of walkie-talkies will encourage exploration, strengthen interpersonal skills but most importantly – they’re essential for any secret agent on their mission to save the world from destruction!

Shared items

Some of the more practical items you need might double as a fun activity. The most unexpected items – a water sprinkler, BBQ or worm farm – can be surprisingly entertaining!

Sound exploration

Attach old pots and pans, wind chimes and objects made of different materials to your fence or a piece of wood for a low-cost way to delight their senses (and create the coolest music studio of all time).

You’ll be amazed at how the simplest of things can inspire hours of playtime, exploration and learning. Create the backyard of your kids’ dreams with our great range of toys, games and hideaways – you might even enjoy some playtime for yourself, too!

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