Trending recipes to try this weekend

Getting creative in the kitchen is a great way to keep little (and big!) hands busy and bellies full.

We’ve all found ways to pass the time safely at home during the lockdown period, and based on the amount of food trends popping up online, it’s clear that Kiwis are now spending more time in the kitchen.

We reckon these five, easy recipe ideas will be a welcome addition to the weekend’s meal plans. 


Recipes for sourdough have been everywhere lately, and a bunch of us here at Trade Me have even had a crack at making the tasty bread ourselves!

Unlike most bread recipes, traditional sourdough doesn’t use store bought yeast, which is great news for those that are having trouble finding yeast at the supermarket right now. The characteristic tangy flavour of sourdough comes from the active starter – a fermented mixture of flour and water, which makes the bread rise and is easy to make at home.

The process is experimental, and a great way to teach little ones about the science behind baking. If you’re keen to give it a go, have a look at Kiwi blogger Elien Lewis’ easy no knead recipe for beginners.

Top tip: To make the process quicker, try using a breadmaker or experiment with pre-made sourdough starter.

10-sec vegan aioli

Homemade aioli in 10 seconds? You read that right! Completely egg-free and accidentally vegan, this trending recipe is as delicious as it is fast.

Whip this up for your lunchtime sammies, using ingredients you already have at home. Super garlicky and creamy, this aioli was an early release from Chelsea Winter’s new cookbook, which can be found on her blog.

Top tip: For less cleanup, try using a stick blender directly in your aioli storage jar.

Flourless brownies

In the baking mood but can’t get your hands on any flour right now? No worries, you can still get your chocolate fix with these flourless brownies!

Using canned black beans as the binder, these fudgey brownies are gluten free, full of protein and still extremely delicious. Originally part of Nadia Lim’s latest cookbook ‘Vegful’, the Kiwi chef recently posted this popular recipe on Facebook for all to enjoy.

Top tip: Use a blender to get the beans as smooth as possible, and substitute butter with coconut oil for dairy-sensitive family members.

Dalgona coffee

We can thank TikTok for this food trend! Popularised in South Korea during their social distancing orders earlier this year, this caffeinated treat is a homemade version of beaten coffee, which originates in India.

Using equal parts instant coffee, sugar and boiling water, dalgona coffee takes just a few minutes to whip up and takes your morning coffee to the next level.

Top tip: Apparently this recipe needs to be stirred 400 times if using a hand whisk. Save yourself the time and effort by using an electric mixer and personalise the mixture by adding fresh spices or replacing the sugar with local honey.

Banana bread

The humble banana bread has been a staple of Kiwi baking forever, so why is it suddenly trending now? We’re putting it down to the fact it’s accessible, it uses up fruit that might normally go to waste, and its comforting, nostalgic taste.

You may already have a foolproof banana bread recipe in your arsenal, but how about trying something new? We reckon this sugar free version from Nadia Lim, this flourless oatey one from Chelsea Winter and this nutella swirl banana bread all look delicious!

Top tip: For a personalised twist, try using these mini loaf pans and let everyone in the family decorate with their favourite toppings.

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