What’s trending in June?

From puppies to spa pools, there’s no one theme to what Kiwis have been searching.


We’ve seen a massive spike in puppy searches over the last month, with German Shepherds seeming to be a favourite! Over 70,000 Kiwis have been looking for (or dreaming about) their next family member – 20,000 more than the month before.

If you want to join them, or just want something to make you smile, have a look for yourself.

German Shepherd Puppies were top of the list!

Spa pools

Whether we like it or not, winter is full of drizzly evenings and frosted windscreens. It’s safe to say Kiwis don’t think much of the cold, it seems we’ve all been hunting to create a little sanctuary in the form of spa pools.

More than 30,000 have been checking out the hottest spa pools over the past month. 

Interested? Check them out for yourself, and soak up the warmth while in the cold.

Make the most of your outdoor area.

Indoor plants

They’re pretty, they liven up the place, and they’re oh-so-addictive – indoor plants are still in.

Through May we saw a huge spike in the amount of members scrolling through indoor plants, with Bonsai trees and hoya plants being at the top of that list.   

Whether your house already looks like the rainforest, or currently more resembles the desert, we have indoor plants for everyone. If you’ve got your plant game sorted and really want to make them stand out – check out some unique products to take your indoor planting to the next level.

From bonsai trees to hoya plants, Kiwis want them all.

Mountain bikes

Now we’re able to be out and about, what’s the first thing we want to do? Make the most of the amazing country, that’s what. According to our search info, NZers reckon doing this by mountain bike is the way to go.

Whether you are a downhill pro, or keen to cruise on an e-bike, we’ve got an option just for you.

Kiwis are keen to check out nature from the comfort of two wheels.

Puffer jackets

It’s the non-negotiable wardrobe of a New Zealand winter – the puffer jacket.

A winter wardrobe update is common this time of year, but puffer jackets look to be the go-to, with most Kiwis opting to be wrapped in a cosy fitted sleeping bag. 

If you’re looking for something that will keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures, this is it. We have a huge range of new and used puffer jackets from brands like Kathmandu and Macpac.

A must have for any New Zealand winter wardrobe.

What’s next?

Who knows! But keep searching and stay tuned…

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