Professional sellers

Whether you’re selling from your garage, your shop, or out of a big warehouse, Trade Me can offer great opportunities for sellers of all kinds.

Guides and tips

Tips, help, and advice for professional sellers.

Selling guide | 10 min read
Top tips for professional sellers

Once you’ve got the basics of creating great listings sorted, these tips can help you to take things further.

Professional sellers | 8 min read
What are my obligations as a professional seller?

As a professional seller, you have obligations that should be followed in order for safe trading.

Professional sellers | 5 min read
What listing tools can help a professional seller?

We offer several listing tools for sellers, as well as some direct integrations for your products.

International sellers

Key information and guides to selling on Trade Me.

Professional sellers | 5 min read
Pricing, Ping and shipping

A summary of pricing, payment and shipping expectations for professional sellers.

Professional sellers | 4 min read
Trust & safety information

There are some important rules and guidelines to be aware of when selling on Trade Me, and in New Zealand.

Professional sellers | 5 min read
Listing tools & specifications

There are lots of things professional sellers can do to ensure their listings are best optimised to make a sale.