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Site Changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Thu 22 Nov 2001

Member feedback

You can now only place feedback if you were the seller, winning bidder, or accepted an offer in an auction. This is to prevent abuse of the feedback system from people who haven't been involved in any transaction.
You can place feedback from any expired listing if you were involved.


The watchlist has been updated so that you can view all the options available to you (placing feedback, adding a note to the auction) in the same format as the listing pages for sellers.
View the watchlist by clicking wither of the links under 'My bids / watchlist' on the My Trade Me tab.

Fixed-price offer

If an auction closes below reserve, the seller can choose to offer the item to any or all of the bidders, at a fixed price. The first bidder to accept the offer wins. Standard success fees apply.