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Auto Extend option removed

Written by Trade Me staff at 6:59am, Wed 31 May 2006

The auto extend option will now be the default on all listings.

Auto extend means any bids placed in the final 2 minutes of the auction will extend the closing time by 2 minutes from the time the bid was placed. An auction will only close if there are no bids in the last 2 minutes.

Sell multiple identical items

Written by Trade Me staff at 6:58am, Wed 31 May 2006

Sellers can now sell multiple items from a single listing. Select "Multiple items" when listing your item and a new identical listing will be created each time one is sold - either by meeting the reserve or through Buy Now. A new listing is only created if your item sells.

This feature is initially restricted to members with 10+ feedback - to reduce the risk posed by new sellers over-selling their available inventory.

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Add a subtitle to your listing

Written by Trade Me staff at 6:55am, Wed 31 May 2006

You can now include a short subtitle when placing a listing. Your subtitle is displayed underneath your listing title on category pages and search results.

Subtitles cost 25c for Books, CDs and DVDs, $2.95 for Motors (and other vehicles) and 55c for all other general categories.

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Gallery fee to increase to 55c

Written by Trade Me staff at 5:37pm, Mon 29 May 2006

From midnight Sunday, the optional Gallery fee will be increased to 55c (currently 45c). Gallery for Books, CDs and DVDs was recently lowered and will remain at 25c. Gallery listings attract more bids and are more likely to sell.

Category changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:41am, Fri 26 May 2006

We have made a number of category changes within Computers and Crafts. If your item was listed in any of the categories that have been changed, you will be prompted to choose a different category when relisting. All of the other auction details including your photo will be carried over. If you have any feedback, please use the contact us link.

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