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Image Watermark

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:50am, Wed 25 Oct 2006

We now add a kiwi Watermark to all uploaded photos. The Watermark provides a permanent identifier on the image and helps prevent your images being stolen by others and used elsewhere.

When uploading photos you will also have the option to add your username and feedback rating to your photos. However, if your image is small there may not be enough space to include these details.

All photos uploaded before this change will not have the Watermark.

Saved search emails

Written by Trade Me staff at 9:21am, Tue 17 Oct 2006

Last night we had a problem that resulted in a small number of members receiving multiple copies of their saved search emails. We have now fixed this problem and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

Message board changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 3:55pm, Mon 16 Oct 2006

We have made a few changes to the Trade Me message board:

'Trade Me Help - questions and answers' has been combined into the 'Trade Me General' topic.

'Category Suggestions' has been renamed to 'Trade Me Category Suggestions'.  More...

Horses and Ponies fee changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:55am, Fri 13 Oct 2006

It now costs $19.95 to place a listing in the Horses and Ponies categories. You can still relist these listings for free until they sell.

Maps for listings in Trade Me Property

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:36pm, Wed 11 Oct 2006

We now display maps for most listings in Trade Me Property where a street address is provided. Maps provide buyers with more information about the location of the property and the facilities in the surrounding area.

While we've done our best to map this location, it may not always be exact. Sellers can choose to remove the map from their listing.

Maps are provided by More...

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