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Making sure the bright ideas work

Written by Jon in General at 4:50pm, Mon 31 May 2010

Trade Me CEO Jon Macdonald recently penned this short piece in The Dom Post down here in the capital, as part of The Bright Ideas Challenge. If you've got a bright idea, you should get it in by 25 June.

It might have started out as a bright idea in Sam Morgan’s head, but one lesson from the Trade Me story is that there’s no shortage of bright ideas. The key is to bring the idea kicking and screaming into reality quickly, and then back it up with great operations and decision-making.

To help choose the best bright ideas and implement them well, we have a set of principles. There are seven in total, but four in particular are often front and centre when ideas are being batted around the pool table at Trade Me HQ. More...

Issues with QV links - fixed

Written by Brendon in Property at 9:00am, Fri 28 May 2010

QV has advised that the issue below has been resolved.


Our friends at QV are experiencing some technical difficulties over on their website today.  More...

Top 10: Most searched for dogs

Written by Paul in General at 5:47pm, Thu 27 May 2010

This week's cheeky little rundown of stats is around one of Trade Me's most popular "items": dogs and puppies. There are 7600 dog-related listings up on the site as of today.

Having a quick squizz at some numbers, the top 10 most searched for breeds of dog in the past month on Trade Me are here:

1. Pig dog
2. Labrador
3. Chihuahua
4. German shepherd
5. Border collie
6. Bulldog
7. Husky
8. Rottweiler
9. Jack Russell
10. Poodle More...

Changes to Gallery pricing

Written by the Trade Me team in General at 9:45am, Wed 26 May 2010

The cost to promote a listing with Gallery has changed for some categories.

For around half our categories, the price has dropped from 55c to 35c. For the other half of our categories, the price has risen from 55c to 75c. Gallery for Books and CDs remains at 25c, while Mobile phone accessories have dropped from 55c to 25c.

View our updated fees page

Bulk listing tool coming soon

Written by the Trade Me Team in General at 12:32pm, Mon 24 May 2010

Within the next couple of months, sellers will be able to use a free listing tool to easily manage bulk inventory. Our new product listing tool will allow
sellers to:

• import and update listings in bulk
• assign a custom SKU/product code value
• set a product to relist and/or automatically send a fixed price offer
• specify a stock level to manage the automatic relist of items
• set an end time for automatic relists

We’ll give you an update closer to the time. Watch this space!

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