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Category changes: more improvements

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 4:30pm, Mon 29 Jul 2013

Today we made some changes in the Electronics & photography and Home & living categories.

In Electronics & photography we've added amplifiers in with headphones, now suitably referred to as 'Headphones & amplifiers'.

In Home & living, three new categories have been created especially for Throws, Vertical blinds and Decals.  More...

Trade Me's 100-year time capsule

Written by Rick & the Time Capsule team in General at 8:30am, Thu 25 Jul 2013

Today we dropped our 100-year time capsule into the ground beneath a yet-to-be-constructed building we're moving into in Wellington next year.

The idea came about last year, once the plans for the new building emerged. Our aim was to think of something unique to put in the capsule that wouldn't be available 100 years from now, considering so much information is currently captured digitally.

So, we approached school kids from around New Zealand and asked them to fill out postcards with what they thought the future might look like. The resulting 600 postcards we received were simply a joy to read through, a sample of which can be read in an article on the Stuff website. More...

Category changes: an update

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 3:30pm, Mon 22 Jul 2013

If you've had your eye on our recent site announcements you would have seen an increase in the number of category changes happening on the site. This is all part of some important work we’re doing to improve how items are categorized on Trade Me, with the goal of better-connecting buyers and sellers in our marketplace.

As part of this work, our team are currently working on:

- Adding ‘Throws’, ‘Vertical blinds’ and ‘Decals’ to the Home & living category
- Renaming ‘Headphones’ to ‘Headphones & amplifiers’ in the Electronics & photography category
- Moving ‘Cassette adapters’ into ‘other’ and deleting the category More...

Category & price change: Trailers & transportation

Written by The 'Category Change' team in General at 2:30pm, Mon 22 Jul 2013

We recently announced some changes to the Trailers & transportation category, and we’re happy to let you know these have now been rolled out.

Our goal is to make the site as easy to navigate as possible, so keep your eyes on the horizon for more changes to come. Head along now and check out the new layout of the Trailers & transportation category.

Daily deals is shutting up shop soon

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 12:00pm, Wed 17 Jul 2013

We’re closing daily deals on Trade Me at the end of the month. The final deal will go live on 31 July 2013 and when it closes at 9:59am on 1 August 2013, we’ll be shutting up shop.

We’re closing the daily deals service because we don’t see it as a key area for Trade Me anymore. It’s been fun running the deals since it launched back on 1 July 2010, but we have a big “To do” list and our focus lies elsewhere for now.

The good news is that lots of the sellers who have been bringing you daily deals will still be selling their items on Trade Me. If you like what a seller has to offer, save them as a favourite seller to receive alerts when they list items onsite.  More...

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