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4:55 pm: Problems with credit card payments

Written by Trade Me staff at 1:06pm, Fri 23 Dec 2005

There were problems with the NZ credit card processing network this afternoon between approximately 12:30 pm and 4:45 pm.

The problem has now been resolved.

"DVDs & movies"

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:59pm, Fri 16 Dec 2005

We have renamed the "Movies & TV" category to "DVDs & movies" in order to better reflect the listings contained in the category.

We welcome any comments you may have on the category suggestions message board topic.

New sidebar search in Menswear and Baby clothing

Written by Trade Me staff at 1:39pm, Thu 15 Dec 2005

We have introduced a search across Menswear and Baby clothing categories. This will allow you to more easily find items you are interested in.

The new search will appear on the left-hand side for all categories under Clothing > Menswear and Baby gear > Clothing.

Increase to number of Photos

Written by Trade Me staff at 1:43pm, Mon 12 Dec 2005

We have increased the number of photos you can upload in the following categories:

  • Cars and other vehicles – increased to 5 photos
  • Rental Property and Flatmates – increased to 20 photos
  • Commercial Property – increased to 20 photos

All photos are free for the above categories.

New upload photos page

Written by Trade Me staff at 8:55am, Mon 12 Dec 2005

We have made improvements to the Upload Photos page in the Sell process. The new pages will make it easier to upload new or select existing photos and re-order them to best suit the item being listed.

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