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Payment delay for Labour Day

Written by Shona & Shanin in General and Top Seller at 9:58pm, Wed 20 Oct 2010

The banks shut up shop on Monday 25 October for Labour Day, which means some payments to Trade Me accounts will be processed a little later than usual.

If you pay via phone or internet banking after 10pm on Friday 22 October, the payment won’t be processed until the morning of Wednesday 27 October.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but that’s the nature of public holidays. Enjoy the long weekend!

New air rifle rules

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 4:01pm, Mon 18 Oct 2010

We've tweaked our rules after the Government announced a new requirement will apply to all sales of pre-charged pneumatic (or 'PCP') air rifles. You can read the NZ Police release about the change here.

The guts of it is that PCP air rifles are now “specially dangerous airguns”. This means they now need to be treated as firearms under the Arms Act, and sellers are required by law to ensure that buyers have a firearms licence.

PCP air rifles will now be listed in the Rifles category, rather than in the Air guns & parts category.  More...

Tattoo Ink Sales Suspended

Written by MOD in General at 6:19pm, Thu 14 Oct 2010

We have just been contacted by the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) about Tattoo Inks being sold in New Zealand. They have advised us that they have concerns about the content of Tattoo inks in respect of the Cosmetics Products Group Standard. As a result we have suspended the sale of Tattoo Inks pending getting further direction from ERMA. For more information visit the ERMA website.

2010 Energywise Rally: Day #4 & Rainbow Bright

Written by Brendon & Yael in General and Motors at 3:33pm, Thu 14 Oct 2010

Team Rainbow Bright reporting in from the finish of the Energywise rally. We landed the short straw and the shortest drive, but potentially the most important (in our own minds). Sean and Nathan handed the keys over with us sitting in a solid 9th position overall for the drivers' comp so the pressure was well and truly on.

6.00am: Woke to a cool wet Rotorua morning, both of us wondering how not to get the car sideways on the wet grass en route to the start line.

7.00am: Car still there thanks to the huge guard dogs. Other teams checking over their cars. Yael and I are nervous. Two texts and a phone call already from the support team back at Trade Me all with the same message: “Don’t f*** it up guys.”  More...

2010 Energywise Rally: Day #3 with Awesome Dragon

Written by Sean and Nathan in General and Motors at 7:03pm, Wed 13 Oct 2010

A team of Trade Me staff is crewing a Commodore Omega in the 2010 AA Energywise Rally, courtesy of Holden New Zealand. Over four days the team will blog about their rally experiences.


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