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Ian Wishart’s book

Written by Paul in General at 3:26pm, Thu 30 Jun 2011

Update: The poll has closed and almost 5000 votes were cast. The end result saw 83% (4103 votes) vote against Trade Me allowing the book to be sold on site, and 17% (858 votes) in favour.

The upshot is that based on this feedback from our community, we will not allow this book to be sold on Trade Me, assuming it does eventually emerge from the publisher.

********** More...

New categories added today

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 2:56pm, Wed 29 Jun 2011

In light of recent feedback we’ve added some new categories to the site, including:

1. Some new categories under Batteries and Battery Chargers in Camera Accessories
2. Some new Fish categories
3. A Teething Necklaces category in Baby Gear
4. A Unisex category in Watches
5. Some new categories under Retail & Hospitality

We’re moving relevant listings into the new categories, so please bear with us today as we make these changes. More...

Website for Christchurch residents switched on

Written by The Trade Me team in General and Property at 3:20pm, Thu 23 Jun 2011

Over the last few days we've been helping the Government by building and hosting a new website that went live today at

We built the site for free to assist Christchurch residential property owners work out the status of their land following the devastating earthquakes.

Note that it is a work in progress in that we will be updating it as we get new information through from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

We hope Kiwis find it useful.

Message board tweaks

Written by The Trade Me team in General and Top Seller at 11:27am, Fri 17 Jun 2011

Back in October 2009, we made some changes to the Trade Me message board including a comprehensive revamp of the way the message board looked, and the addition of a search function. Now, a couple of years later, we are making some further changes to this busy part of the site where more than 25,000 messages are posted every single day.

The main changes we are making today and why are as follows:

- Restricting message board access and activity to members who are logged-in: this reflects the fact the message board is there for the Trade Me community, not every man and his dog. There is an element of ‘back to the future’ about this change as this is how the message board originally operated; More...

Christchurch Earthquake Support site back up

Written by Paul in General and Site status at 4:59pm, Tue 14 Jun 2011

Back on 23 February, we switched on a dedicated Christchurch Earthquake Support website. This gave people a chance to help out and also take up offers of help after the 22 February earthquake. It was totally free.

We thought it was coming to an end of its useful life, and we were in the process of dialling it down. However, since the events of yesterday we've had lots of enquiries from members keen to help so we reinstated it today. We hope people find it useful.

The QuakeMates site for Aucklanders to help out Canterbury rugby fans with "in-home" accommodation during the Rugby World Cup is up and running too. More...

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