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Trade Me Motors auction price change from today

Written by The Trade Me Motors team in Motors at 8:30am, Wed 1 Nov 2017

As we let you know two weeks ago, today we made a change to the listing fee and success fee when listing a vehicle by auction.

The price to list an auction has increased from $39 to $39.99, and success fee has increased from 1.95% to 2% of the sale price. The maximum success fee and withdrawal fee will remain unchanged.

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The new Motors price guide

Written by The Trade Me team in Motors at 2:00pm, Fri 27 Oct 2017

We're making it even easier to buy and sell your vehicle with the new price guide. Enter a few simple details and we'll provide a price estimate for that vehicle.

The tool uses similar vehicle listings that are currently on Trade Me to generate a price range for your vehicle. It's not designed to give a direct recommendation, however it will offer a good idea of the value range available on site for similar cars.

We will be trialing this new tool and asking for feedback to see how useful members find it. If successful, we plan to develop it in due course.

Upcoming price change for Trade Me Motors auctions

Written by The Trade Me Motors team in Motors at 9:00am, Wed 18 Oct 2017

From 1 November 2017, the price to list a vehicle by auction will increase from $39 to $39.99, and the success fee will increase from 1.95% to 2% of sale price. The maximum success fee and withdrawal fee will remain unchanged.

Over the past year we’ve made a bunch of improvements to Trade Me Motors, like extending our functionality on mobile, releasing an enhanced listing detail page and extending our Reviews & Advice section to include more reviews on a wider range of vehicles.

Keep an eye out for some exciting improvements we have planned for later in the year. If you have any questions about these changes, please let us knowMore...

Trade Me set to acquire Motorcentral

Written by Paul in Motors at 1:30pm, Tue 11 Jul 2017

Trade Me has entered into a conditional agreement to purchase Motorcentral (, a cloud-based platform for motor vehicle dealers.

Motorcentral’s system provides dealers with an easy-to-use platform that combines inventory management, customer relationship management, advertising plug-in options and website functions.

The business is based in Christchurch and has 15 staff.

Update: Some changes to Trade Me Motors

Written by The Trade Me team in General and Motors at 4:00pm, Thu 11 May 2017

As we announced last week, today we’ve made some changes to Trade Me Motors.

Q&A added to classified listings
Previously on a Motors classified listing, buyers only had the ability to email the seller. We've now added the ‘question and answer’ function to classified listings too.*

This means potential buyers can use the Q&A function on Motors classified listings as well as auctions, and other buyers will be able to see what questions have been asked and answered. More...

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