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Viewing Listing Photos

Written by Trade Me staff at 5:16pm, Wed 28 Feb 2007

We have revamped our photo pages, and have increased the maximum size of the main photo for better viewing.

We've also made it easier to scroll through all the photos when a listing has lots of them. We hope you like the changes.

12:05 pm: Credit card payments problem resolved

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:26pm, Thu 8 Feb 2007

Our payment provider has resolved the problems affecting our credit card processing.

Again we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

11:50 am: Credit card payments problem

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:07pm, Thu 8 Feb 2007

Our payment provider is currently experiencing some technical difficulties which are preventing us from processing any credit card payments. They are currently fixing the problem and we hope to have this service restored as soon as possible.

We will post an update once the problem has been resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Changes to Trust-webs and Blacklist

Written by Trade Me staff at 11:09am, Thu 8 Feb 2007

We have removed the trust-web facility, due to low usage. Instead we now encourage you to add members you trust to your list of favourite sellers within My Favourites.

Note: this change does not impact the Blacklist facility. All of the members currently on your Blacklist will remain blocked. We have updated the Blacklist page to make it easier to add and remove members from your Blacklist. You can access your Blacklist via My Trade Me.

Building and Renovation

Written by Trade Me staff at 11:45am, Mon 5 Feb 2007

We have introduced a new “Building and renovation” category for all your building, renovation and DIY needs. These categories have moved from the Home and living, and Business and Industry categories. All listings details will be carried details over including photos. Any saved searches will also be carried over and you will now be subscribed to the new category.

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