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Releasing rowi kiwis into the wild with DOC

Written by Cat, Sam & PJ in General at 3:59pm, Thu 21 Jun 2012

Back in May we introduced the BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust as one of our success fee partners. One of the Trust's initiatives is to work toward establishing a thriving population of rowi, the world's most endangered species of kiwi. There are less than 400 rowi around today.

Yesterday, Trade Me staff members PJ, Catherine & Sam joined DOC and the Trust in releasing 20 rowi onto Mana Island. This marks the first time in 600 years that rowi have been in the North Island.

Our staff were absolutely stoked to have been given the opportunity to be part of this unique event. Not only did they get to witness the release of some rowi, but travelled out to the island in style, courtesy of an RNZAF Iroquois. Check out the cool video from their journey out to Mana Island:


Update to our product safety information

Written by James in General at 1:43pm, Thu 21 Jun 2012

We don’t want Trade Me to be the place where unsafe items are sold. If you are contemplating buying or selling on the site, we urge you to take a look at the updated information discussed below.

Following on from last month’s tweaks to the rules around selling ladders, we’ve also updated the information about several other items on our banned & restricted items list. This includes guidelines around buying and selling electrical items.

I’m a seller: what do I need to know?
Before listing an item, you should familiarise yourself with the updated information in the following sections and be certain your items toe the line:  More...

Fairfax completes sell-down of 15% of Trade Me

Written by Paul in General at 2:25pm, Mon 18 Jun 2012

Following this morning’s trading halt, Trade Me Group Limited (“Trade Me”) has been advised that Fairfax Digital Holdings NZ Limited (“Fairfax”) has successfully completed the sell-down of 15 per cent of the issued capital of Trade Me. The trading halt in Trade Me shares was lifted at 12:53pm today.

After settlement of the sale of the shares, which is expected to occur this Thursday, Fairfax will hold 51 per cent of Trade Me.

For more information, please visit Trade Me’s investor relations website.

Trade Me shares in trading halt

Written by Paul in General at 9:26am, Mon 18 Jun 2012

You might have seen over on our investor website that shares in Trade Me Group Limited are in a trading halt this morning. This is pending the release of “material information” by Fairfax Media Limited at approximately 11.30am New Zealand time.

We will update this post with any new information when it emerges.

***** More...

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Week

Written by Robyn in General at 9:50am, Wed 13 Jun 2012

This week is New Zealand's first official Cyber Security Awareness Week, which means it's a great time to improve your online security.

Password security is important to get right, but it’s one area not many people do well in. The good news is that it’s easy to improve, so here are a few tips to help keep your passwords secure:

- Length - use eight or more characters
- Complexity – Include upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and so on
- Variation – Change your passwords every few months
- Variety – Use a different password for each account (if one account is compromised you won’t lose them all) More...

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