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11:00pm: Text Me Problem Resolved

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:58pm, Sun 29 Jun 2008

The previous issue with Text Me SMS messages not being delivered has now been resolved.

We apologise to those members affected.

2:30pm: Text Me SMS Delivery Problems

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:30pm, Sun 29 Jun 2008

We are currently aware of a problem which is preventing the delivery of Text Me SMS messages over the Vodafone network. Unfortunately this issue is outside of our control.

We are in contact with our SMS provider and are closely monitoring the situation. We will post an update once this problem has been resolved.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Home page tweak

Written by Trade Me staff at 6:12pm, Thu 26 Jun 2008

We've made a small change to our home page to make it easier to visit Trade Me's sister sites - FindSomeone, Travelbug and Stuff.

We've also changed how we display the main categories, making them easier to read on newer monitors.

Check out the home page

Rental property pricing change

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:42pm, Mon 23 Jun 2008

The fee to list residential properties for rent will increase from $49 to $69, effective from 1 July.

There is no change to success fees for this category and you can continue to relist your rental property for free until rented.

Reserve fee to apply in general categories

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:42pm, Mon 23 Jun 2008

A 25c reserve fee will apply to auctions where you choose a reserve price that is higher than the start price, effective from 1 July 2008.

This change is designed to offer a better buying experience by encouraging sellers to be transparent about reserve prices. As a result, buyers will know that any bid has the chance to be successful.

No fee applies when you keep the reserve price equal to the start price, or when listing a car or other vehicle.

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