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Category changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 6:08am, Thu 28 Jul 2005

We have made some changes to the following categories:
* Baby gear
* Boys clothing
* Girls clothing
* Kids unisex clothing
* Menswear

We have made our best efforts to move all auctions to the most appropriate category.

5:40 pm: Problem with credit card payments

Written by Trade Me staff at 4:48pm, Tue 26 Jul 2005

Our online credit card payment service was unavailable between 3:00 pm and 5:30 today as our bank was experiencing some technical difficulties.

They have fixed the problem and we will be doing all we can to ensure that it does not happen again. We apologise for the inconvenience.

International Buyers

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:38pm, Thu 21 Jul 2005

As part of our continued efforts to make Trade Me a safe place for Kiwis to buy and sell, from the 1st of August members based outside of New Zealand and Australia will no longer be allowed to purchase items on Trade Me.

Addition to Email Options

Written by Trade Me staff at 8:21am, Wed 20 Jul 2005

You can now choose when you want to receive emails for Fixed Price Offers.

Update your options now!

Improvements to Buyer Email

Written by Trade Me staff at 8:01am, Wed 20 Jul 2005

Sellers can now choose to automate their Buyer Emails on a listing-by-listing basis. If selected when listing an auction and your item is sold successfully, the "buyer email" will automatically be sent to the winner.

If you're a seller and you don't have your Buyer Email set up, do it today!

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