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Ongoing problems with Xtra

Written by Trade Me staff at 5:21pm, Wed 19 Mar 2003

If you are an Xtra customer, you may be continuing to experience a slow connection to Trade Me or our other sites. This is due to some hardware issues on the shared network that both Xtra and Trade Me Trade Me connect to in Wellington. We apologise for any inconvenience to our Xtra customers. Xtra assure us the problem will be resolved by the end of March.

Scheduled Outage

Written by Trade Me staff at 5:11pm, Wed 19 Mar 2003

Trade Me will be down for a scheduled outage Thursday at 5pm for one hour. All auctions that have a finish time between 4:45 and 6:30 will be extended by 90 mins. So auctions due to close at 5pm will close at 6:30. We are doing a routine system upgrade.

New improved refund process

Written by Trade Me staff at 3:08pm, Thu 13 Mar 2003

Today we have released our new streamlined refund process. The new process brings some great benefits to our sellers:

  1. You can now get refunds on success fees under $1.

  2. You can now apply for refunds on fixed-price offers.

  3. You can now complete a refund in as few as 3 days (down from 10 days).

  4. You can now get an instant success fee refund if the winning bidder is disabled by us (for misbehaviour) No delays. No need to email us (yippee!).

  5. You can now complete a refund if you are a non-authenticated member.

Note that the new system will actively record refunds against a member. This will allow us to more easily identify customers seeking to abuse the new refund system. In summary, refunds will be much easier for honest traders, and much more difficult for dishonest ones. Read about the new refunds help here.

Today also sees us discontinuing our bonus credit scheme. Previously, members could buy $100 credit and get $15 free. The removal of free credit creates a level playing field for all traders, regardless of the amount of money they want to pay us at a time. Note that you will still need to maintain a positive account balance to continue to place listings, so keep an eye on it.

Thanks to all the members that told us our refund process needed work. It took a while, but should be easier for all of us from now on.

Trade Me chat room

Written by Trade Me staff at 7:34pm, Mon 10 Mar 2003

The chat room has now re-opened. Click on the community tab to chat with your fellow traders

Problems with Xtra

Written by Trade Me staff at 5:22pm, Mon 10 Mar 2003

Trade Me customers are currently having trouble accessing us through Xtra due to problems on their network. We have escalated the problem through their technical support lines and will keep you posted on progress. If you have another ISP, we recommend you try that - you should have no speed problems.

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