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$1 reserve promo is back!

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 10:55am, Thu 31 Jan 2013

Get off to a fresh start in 2013 by having a good old Kiwi clear-out!

To help you along, we’re running our $1 reserve promo for the whole of February. All items listed as $1 reserve auctions in ‘General items’ during February will get free Gallery*!

- Sell stuff fast. $1 reserve auctions are much more likely to sell first time around. They attract bidders who might not have otherwise checked out your listing. Trust the market, and get your cash quicker! More...

Changes to our Terms & Conditions

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 11:17am, Fri 18 Jan 2013

Today we’re making some important changes to our terms and conditions. We’re updating them mainly to:

• ensure international sellers who want to trade are operating within our rules
• explain how listing information may appear in applications using our API, and point out we may have commercial arrangements with people building applications that tap our API
• allow members to market or link to feedback in other places and clarify when we will remove negative feedback
• explain how to close your membership, and clarify that some terms may still apply after it is closed
• remove some words that are out of date.

We’re also updating our Privacy Policy to reflect the use of our API.

At the same time, we’re tweaking our Pay Now terms and our feedback policy, and we’ve created a new help page for international sellersMore...