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Auckland collector wanted

Written by Trade Me staff at 4:22pm, Fri 30 May 2003

Do you live in Auckland and use Trade Me to collect or trade interesting items? Or are you a bargain hunter who makes money selling stuff through Trade Me.

We are looking for an avid collector to share their story with us - are you interested? Please contact us at, and tell us a bit about yourself. mail delays

Written by Trade Me staff at 3:00pm, Fri 23 May 2003

We have been in contact with in regards to delays currently being experienced with email. Their response;

"Some Paradise users are currently experiencing slow email delivery. We apologise for this, and are currently working towards a resolution. We expect this to be resolved shortly."

Heres hoping it is soon!

New categories - We need your help

Written by Trade Me staff at 6:02pm, Wed 21 May 2003

We are currently designing a new category structure for Trade Me - to be launched in a few weeks. We have developed a multi-level structure and would like your feedback.

Download the proposed category Excel spreadsheet and send us your suggestions to

No Excel? Use Download the proposed category (html format) More...

Address Verified launches

Written by Trade Me staff at 11:54am, Mon 19 May 2003

Address Verified launched on Friday. Those who pre-registered should have their letters early this week at the latest. At present, your Address Verified status is only shown under the seller details section on the auctions you are running.

The Address Verified icon will be made more prominent on Trade Me in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your support.

Scheduled Outage

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:03am, Thu 8 May 2003

Trade Me will be down for a scheduled outage on Friday at 7 am for two hours. All auctions that have a finish time between 6:45 and 9:30 will be extended by 2.5 hours . So auctions due to close at 7am will close at 9:30. We are doing a routine system upgrade.

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