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New medicine category

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 12:00pm, Wed 11 Nov 2015

We’ve recently added a new category for the sale of medicines.

Historically we haven’t allowed the sale of medicines on Trade Me as under the Medicines Act they’re not able to be sold by auction.

Who can sell medicines? More...

Old Friends closing soon

Written by The Old Friends team at Trade Me in General at 5:30pm, Mon 9 Nov 2015

Today we announced that will be closing in a couple of months.

Why are you closing down Old Friends?

We’re always working hard to improve the experience for our members and we’ve struggled to give Old Friends sufficient oxygen recently, given the bigger opportunities in the core areas of our business. Because of this, we think the time is right to pull down the shutters. We understand this might not be the best news for our members who use Old Friends regularly and this isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly. More...

Update to your email options page

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 4:30pm, Mon 9 Nov 2015

Today we released some small changes to the email preference page. Previously you could find this from an “Email options” link on your My Trade Me page.

This is just the first step in a bunch of updates we’ll be making to ensure it’s easier for you to decide what emails you do and don’t want to receive.

In this first phase, the only change we’ve made is splitting up the types of emails you may receive from each area of Trade Me (Property, Jobs, Motors and general Trade Me). You can now choose from: More...

A privacy policy change comes into effect today

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 5:00pm, Mon 2 Nov 2015

Earlier this month we gave you a heads up about a minor change to our privacy policy which comes into effect today.

We’ve tweaked our policy in light of some awesome services Trade Me is offering, to ensure we’re being upfront and transparent about what we do with your personal information. You can see the new clause 1.g, below:

Where Trade Me uses third parties to undertake services, we may provide those third parties with some of your information if it is required to fulfil those services. For example, we use third parties to send you letters for address verification, to provide you with shipping services or to conduct research for us to ensure the Services we provide you are relevant and personalised to your interests. We also use third party software (such as customer relationship management, marketing automation and accounting software) that holds your information, sometimes overseas. We require any third party to undertake strict precautions to protect your information against unauthorised use or disclosure.