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Back to the future for Daily Deals

Written by The Trade Me team in General and Top Seller at 4:17pm, Thu 27 Oct 2011

We hate delaying any new initiative, but sadly we won’t be kicking off the 1-day powered Daily Deals on 1 November as planned.

Delivering a strong consumer-centric mix for Daily Deals is critical and we’re not quite there yet. As a result we will continue with the existing form of Daily Deals, and hold fire on the relaunch until next year. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Meanwhile if you’ve got some quality products in good numbers that you can offer to our members at a great price we’d love to hear from you. Just flick us a note through the Daily Deals contact page.

Trade Me Jobs Bounty Hunter

Written by Sharon in Jobs at 10:01am, Wed 26 Oct 2011

We’ve just launched a new section on Trade Me Jobs called Bounty Hunter which should help job advertisers find the people they’re after.

Through Bounty Hunter, you can forward Bounty Hunter job listings to friends who are suited to the positions. If your friend gets the job and they mention you referred the job to them, you could receive $1,000.

View Bounty Hunter jobs

Update: Terms & conditions

Written by Sharon in General at 2:02pm, Tue 18 Oct 2011

We’ve updated 5.2b of our Terms and conditions to read:

Payments to your Trade Me account of an amount less than $10 may incur a $2 handling fee payable to Trade Me unless the payments are made with a credit or debit card, in which case you may make a top-up of between $5 and $10, as may be required to return your balance to $0, without incurring a fee.

This update reflects changes we’ve made to payments into Trade Me accounts.

View our Terms and conditions now.

A change to Daily Deals from 1 November

Written by Paul & Emily in General and Top Seller at 10:37am, Thu 13 Oct 2011

We have good news for members who like a great deal - as of Tuesday 1 November, the Daily Deals on our homepage will be powered by the team at 1-day, New Zealand's largest daily deals site.

There will still be three deals every day running from 10am for 24 hours, or until sold out. The deals offered by 1-day on the Trade Me homepage will be totally different from the deals appearing on 1-day, and will be sourced with our members in mind.

1-day will be responsible for sourcing the deals, customer service, and delivery of all products available through the Trade Me Daily Deals channel.  More...

Limited time promotion - Gallery Plus

Written by Paul & Sharon in General and Top Seller at 2:12pm, Thu 6 Oct 2011

Gallery Plus is a limited time promotion we’re running where you get the benefits of Gallery the first time you list an item, plus free Gallery for the next two relists if the item doesn’t sell. All for 65c.

Even though an item is almost three times as likely to sell when it is listed with Gallery, sometimes you don’t find that perfect buyer the first time round. Why not increase your chances of getting the price you want by using Gallery Plus?

Now, when you sell an item, you get to choose your Gallery option:
- Gallery Plus, 65c (or 30c for books and CDs) for Gallery on the initial listing and your next 2 relists, if your item doesn’t sell or
- Gallery, 55c (or 25c for books and CDs) for Gallery on the initial listing only  More...