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Delays with emails

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:39pm, Wed 28 Jun 2006

Last night we had a technical issue on the site which delayed emails. As a result, emails sent between 8:45 pm yesterday and 9 am today have been delayed.

The problem has now been fixed and we expect any outstanding emails to be sent by this evening.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this caused.

Health & beauty category changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:33am, Thu 15 Jun 2006

"Health and Beauty" has become a top level category. Health and beauty has grown strongly and this change will make it easier for potential buyers to find. There have also been a number of changes made to the sub-categories within Health and Beauty. Please feel free to share any feedback you have through the Contact us link.

Place multiple feedbacks at once

Written by Trade Me staff at 11:09am, Wed 14 Jun 2006

You can now place multiple feedbacks at once, by using the new ‘Place feedback’ button on your Items I Sold page within My Trade Me. The feedback you enter will be placed against the buyers in each of the selected auctions.

Use the Feedback to place filter on the Items I Sold page to quickly identify those sales that require feedback.

This new feature is limited to positive feedback only.

Increased photo sizes

Written by Trade Me staff at 8:18am, Tue 13 Jun 2006

We have increased the size of the thumbnail and medium-size images that are displayed on category pages, search results, watchlist pages, emails and listings.

All existing photos will be increased over the next few days and do not need to be uploaded again (we have 4 million to get through, so please be patient!)

New pricing for vehicle and property listings

Written by Trade Me staff at 4:04pm, Mon 12 Jun 2006

From midnight Sunday, 18th June, a fixed success fee of $20 will apply to vehicle auctions meeting reserve or purchased using 'Buy Now'. Vehicle listing fees for auctions and classifieds remain unchanged at $24.95. This change affects all listings placed from midnight Sunday in the following categories: Cars, Boats, Motorbikes, Buses, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Caravans & Motorhomes, Aircraft, Horse floats, Diggers and Forklifts.

The price of listing a property will also increase from $49.95 to $99.00.

You can continue to relist vehicle and property listings without charge. The number of photos allowed on vehicle listings will also increase from 5 to 20 photos - the same as is currently available on property listings.

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