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Changes to "businesses for sale" category

Written by Trade Me staff at 5:26pm, Fri 28 Nov 2003

The businesses for sale category has been improved. You are now also able to run a classified in this category and display your contact details. Listings in this category will incur a $19.95 listing fee, but will not incur any success fees.

Trade Me Motors - Multiple Photos

Written by Trade Me staff at 4:45pm, Wed 19 Nov 2003

You can now list up to three photos on your Trade Me Motors listings for free!

Relist Problem

Written by Trade Me staff at 9:47am, Wed 19 Nov 2003

Last night we experienced a problem with our relist process which meant some members were prevented from relisting their auctions.

This problem has been fixed and you should now be able to relist your items.

High-volume Sellers

Written by Trade Me staff at 9:42am, Wed 19 Nov 2003

Trade Me is introducing a new fee for "high-volume" sellers.

This fee is designed to prevent sellers from listing hundreds of non-selling items and dominating a category.

A high-volume seller must successfully sell at least 15% of the items that they list, or will be subject to a listing fee of 25c per listing. More...

New daily "auction listing" email

Written by Trade Me staff at 8:47am, Wed 12 Nov 2003

You will no longer receive an email for each auction you place - instead you will receive one email with the details of all the auctions you have listed in the last 24 hours.

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