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Services: Feature fee goes up

Written by Paul in General at 2:51pm, Thu 29 Sep 2011

The fee to feature a Services listing for 90 days increased to $19 today.

If you have a listing that automatically extends, you will be charged at the new feature price of $19 at the time it is next extended.

If you would like to remove feature from your services listing, you will need to edit it via your My Trade Me page before it next extends.  More...

Site outage this morning

Written by Paul in Site status at 10:50am, Mon 26 Sep 2011

We had a slight problem at 10:30am this morning that caused the site to be unavailable for a few minutes.

We’re really sorry about this and have extended all auctions that were due to close between 10:30am and 11:30am by 1 hour.

Reminder: Daylight saving kicks in Sunday morning

Written by Paul in General and Top Seller at 1:05pm, Fri 23 Sep 2011

Remember that daylight saving kicks in at 2am this Sunday morning, and you'll need to put your clock forward one hour.

So nobody gets inconvenienced by the time change, all auctions due to close between 2am and 4am on Sunday morning (about 900) will be extended by two hours.

Daylight saving will be with us right through until Sunday 1 April 2012. More...

Landcheck heads back to CERA

Written by MOD in General at 4:58pm, Thu 15 Sep 2011

This afternoon we passed the website across to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority to run and maintain, as planned.

In the three months since we built, hosted and launched the Landcheck site, it has clocked up more than 10 million hits as people sought to confirm the status of their residential properties in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes.

It was a privilege to be asked by Government to build the site, and our team enjoyed getting it designed and built in just four days. The team was also pretty stoked when the Prime Minister dropped in with a surprise visit (see the pic) to thank them personally after the site went live on 23 June. More...

Sell your boat or jetski and save $10!

Written by Motors in Motors at 4:38pm, Thu 8 Sep 2011

List a jetski, motorboat, yacht or sailboat on Trade Me Motors before midnight 22 September, with an asking price or reserve of under $10,000, and pay only $29 – that’s a $10* saving on the listing fee.

*The asking price or reserve must remain under $10,000 or you will be charged the extra $10. Auction success fees apply.

Sell your boat or jetski

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