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Problem with photos

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:11pm, Tue 26 Aug 2003

Last night we experienced a problem with photos on Trade Me. All photos were affected at some stage during the last 24 hours, and unfortunately we have been unable to recover some photos. Members whose auctions have been affected by the problem should receive an email from us.

In light of these difficulties we have extended some auctions. All auctions with photos due to close between 8am and 1pm Tuesday have been extended by 6 hours. This ensures that your auction will be available with photos long enough to take advantage of any last-minute bidding.

On auctions where we have been unable to recover the photos, we have extended the auctions by 24 hours. This allows sellers enough time to re-list photos on their affected auctions. More...

Photoserver update

Written by Trade Me staff at 8:14am, Tue 26 Aug 2003

We are currently in the process of recovering the photoserver, and hope to have this complete by midday. All auctions due to close from 8am have been extended by four hours.


Written by Trade Me staff at 5:21am, Tue 26 Aug 2003

Overnight we experienced the corruption of a disk sub-system that contained segments of the photoserver.

Points to note;

* any auctions listed with freshly uploaded photos are not affected.
* any auctions listed referencing previously uploaded photos prior to the failure will not display the photos
* any auctions that are relisted that contain previously loaded photos will not display the photos
* any existing auctions listed prior to the failure will not display the photos More...

Changes to Jewellery Category

Written by Trade Me staff at 4:49pm, Mon 25 Aug 2003

Thanks for all your feedback on the Jewellery category. We apologise for the confusion and inconvenience that the changes on Friday caused. As a result of your feedback, we have reverted back to the "Gold, Silver, Other" breakdown with a further split under each of these categories. We hope the revised structure is more to your liking.

Category Changes

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:38pm, Fri 22 Aug 2003

We have just completed our latest review of the Trade Me category structure. Following up on the changes we made back in July, we have acted on feedback from the community and have come up with what we think will be some major improvements for both Buyers and Sellers.

One of the biggest changes will be the move of “Dolls and bears” to a top-level category. This will incorporate all categories previously listed under Antiques, Toys & models and Collectables.

In addition to this we have done a major revamp of the Clothing categories. Womens clothing is now ordered by size followed by item. Mens, Boys, Girls and baby & toddler now have more subcategories. And due to popular request we have also added a new category called “Unisex accessories”. More...

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