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Intellectual property & Trade Me

Written by Paul in General and Top Seller at 2:12pm, Thu 21 Jul 2011

Those in the Twitterverse may have seen some recent discussion about intellectual property rights, mainly relating to some confusion about whether Android products can be sold on the site (they can!) We thought it would be useful to shed some light on what we do when items that are alleged to infringe on a brand’s IP rights are brought to our attention.

Having a robust programme around all of this is important because we want Trade Me to remain a trusted place for Kiwis to buy and sell everything under the sun.

Our first priority is to protect the marketplace we operate, and that means we need to do our bit to help consumers not be misled or confused about what they are buying, and make sure sellers understand what is and isn’t OK to sell.  More...

Updates: Privacy policy and Terms & conditions

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 3:30pm, Wed 20 Jul 2011

We've updated our Privacy Policy, and this includes changes such as:

  • - tweaking some outdated info we had in there about "cookies"
  • - pointing out that we're starting to use some technology to serve advertising which will mean you’re likely to see ads more relevant to your interests
  • - adding a section from our terms and conditions which talks about how we use info about how you use Trade Me to help us provide services and help keep the site a safe place to trade

We've also made a couple of small tweaks about privacy in our terms and conditions.

View our updated Privacy policy and Terms and conditions now.

Media releases: Jobs & Property

Written by Paul in Property and Jobs at 11:22am, Wed 20 Jul 2011

We’ve been a bit remiss about not posting media releases up on here. Apologies!

We sent a couple out earlier this month: one from Trade Me Jobs analysing what we have seen over the past quarter in terms of the Kiwi employment market, and also Trade Me Property's take on the national rental market between April and June.

You can view the full releases here:  More...

Multi-quantity listings

Written by The Trade Me Team in General and Top Seller at 7:25pm, Wed 13 Jul 2011

Good news! Due to popular demand, you can now buy more than one of the same item via a single listing on Trade Me.

For example, if a seller has 60 floor tiles left over from their renovations they can include the quantity available as part of their listing. Sellers will also have the option to charge the one shipping cost, or charge per item.

Buyers can choose how many they want by entering a quantity before they click Buy Now. Bidding won’t be an option on listings with a quantity included. More...

Payment Instructions Error

Written by Darren in General and Top Seller at 7:25pm, Wed 13 Jul 2011

Update @ 11:30am: We have just released a fix for the sale price weirdness and everything is now back to normal. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this caused.


Update @ 9:05pm: These links are now working but unfortunately we're still seeing some weirdness with the sale price not displaying correctly. Payment instructions sent via email are still working fine. More...

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