New: Super Feature in the Lounge suites category

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 5:00pm, Wed 19 Mar 2014

We’re excited to let you know that listings in the Lounge suites category can now be promoted using a Super Feature!

A Super Featured listing in the Lounge suites category will be displayed at the top of all other listings (on a rotating carousel) for relevant searches, and when browsing the category.

For a listing to be eligible for a Super Feature, it’ll need a minimum of three images, and have two or more days left on the clock. A Super Feature in this category costs $29, and lasts until the listing expires.

You can add the Super Feature when you create your listing, or you can upgrade it using the ‘promote’ button in “Item’s I’m Selling” on your My Trade Me page.

Note that currently, you can only add a Super Feature using Trade Me’s desktop (full) website.