Some changes to Trade Me Motors

Written by The Trade Me team in Motors at 10:30am, Thu 4 May 2017

Next week we’re making some changes to Trade Me Motors.

Adding Q&A to classified listings

Currently on a Motors classified listing, buyers only have the ability to email the seller. We're making a change to add the ‘question & answer’ function to classified listings too.*

This means potential buyers will be able to use the Q&A function on Motors classified listings as well as auctions, and other buyers will be able to see what questions have been asked and answered.

Showing unanswered questions on Motors auctions and classifieds

Another change we’re making is that members will be able to see what the unanswered questions are on auctions and classified listings*, rather than having to wait for a listing to close to see these.

Keep an eye out for the next announcement once these changes are out in the wild.

*Please note these changes won’t apply to dealer listings.