Phishing email scam

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 3:00pm, Thu 21 Dec 2017

A phishing scam email is being sent around at the moment, targeting Trade Me members. The email is pretending to be a shopping cart purchase that tells the recipient they've purchased a BBQ. This is fake, and it hasn't been sent by us. The purpose of this email is to 'phish' or obtain your Trade Me login details as well as your credit card details. If you receive this email, please send it through to us at and then delete it.

What if I've clicked the link and entered my details?
If you've entered your Trade Me log in details please email us on

If you've entered your credit card details call your bank immediately to cancel the card. Then please email us.

How do I spot this phishing email?
We're working to stop the scammers sending these emails. If you receive another suspicious one, the first thing to look out for is what email address the email has come from. All emails sent by us will come from ‘’ or '' email address. We also always address you by your firstname in the email.

For more information about this phishing email and keeping yourself safe online, have a read of this blog post from our Trust & Safety team.