Top up your Trade Me account with Ping

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 3:00pm, Mon 2 Sep 2019

We’re changing the way you top up your Trade Me account. Soon you’ll be able to top up via Ping, using Ping credit or any of the cards or bank accounts saved through Ping.

As part of this change, the minimum top up when Trade Me account is at $0 balance or higher will only be $1 (as opposed to the previous $10 limit), and when your Trade Me account balance is in debt there is no minimum top up.

In the coming weeks we’ll also remove the ability to top up your Trade Me account over the phone and by cheque, as we focus on more secure payment options.

This will be rolled out only on our desktop site for now, and will kick this off to 10% of members today. We’ll launch to everyone else not long after