Upcoming changes to our privacy policy

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 3:00pm, Mon 25 Nov 2019

From 9 December 2019, we’re making two changes to our privacy policy.

• Previously, if you had opted out under our privacy option, we weren’t able to use your personal information to improve the relevancy and customisation of Trade Me marketing on our sites and apps, or that we send you e.g. by email. We think it’s reasonable, and often expected by customers, that we tailor our own marketing to you, so we’re changing our privacy policy to reflect this.

For example, this means we’ll be able to use your personal information to send you an email for a clothing sale if we think it might be relevant to you. If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe from our ‘Email preference’ page.

What does this mean for the privacy opt-out?
All other functionality of the privacy opt-out will remain the same, and this change only affects our own Trade Me marketing, if you’ve opted out.

- This change does not affect third party ads on Trade Me. If you’re opted out, we still won’t use your personal information to serve you with third-party ads.

- The change does not affect Trade Me advertising off-site. If you’re opted out, we still won’t use your personal information to tailor ads to you off-site.

- This change does not impact the limited situations in which we disclose member information, e.g. for law enforcement purposes.

• Our second change clarifies that cookie data can sometimes be personal information, but isn’t always. You aren’t able to opt out of us using anonymous cookie data e.g. if we collect cookie data when you’re not logged in, and then use that to remarket to you. But, you can opt out of us using cookie data that is personal information e.g. if we linked cookie data back to your Trade Me account and then used your account information to customise advertising to you.

There isn’t any change in our day-to-day practice with this one – we’re just making this clearer within our privacy policy.