Changes to Gallery pricing

Written by the Trade Me Team in General at 9:16am, Tue 18 May 2010

From 26 May, the cost to promote a listing with Gallery will change for some categories.

For around half our categories, the price will drop from 55c to 35c. For the other half of our categories, the price will rise from 55c to 75c. Gallery for Books and CDs will stay at 25c, while Mobile phone accessories will drop from 55c to 25c.

So why are we changing the pricing? We've always tried to keep our pricing simple, so we thought hard before making this change.

Promoting a listing with Gallery results in more views and bids, but it’s more effective in some categories than others. Our new structure aims to make it fairer to sellers than a one-price-fits-all model, by better matching the cost of Gallery to the value it provides.

Below is a table that summarises the new structure. (Click to expand)