Waterfront wi-fi on the way for Wellington

Written by Paul in General at 10:37am, Tue 14 Sep 2010

Visitors to the Wellington waterfront are set to enjoy fast and free wireless internet access in time for Christmas, thanks to a joint effort by Trade Me and Wellington City Council.

The free wi-fi network will mean visitors to the waterfront will be able to surf the internet via a wireless network from Queens Wharf, across to the NZX Centre, and down to Te Papa. We reckon the network will be all up and running in early December 2010.

We're doing it because it seems like a good thing to do - there are no commercial or revenue objectives in the mix. We're an online business and we love being part of Wellington, and we hope that lots of locals, tourists, travelling business people and community groups get amongst it.

Wireless repeaters will be placed in and around the NZX Building on the Wellington waterfront, with Trade Me meeting all costs of materials, service provision and bandwidth. Wellington City Council will arrange access for the placing of repeaters and meet the costs of installation and electricity.

Read the Dominion Post's story from today's paper over here.

Thanks also to Diego and the DomPost photos team for letting us use the pics of Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast and Trade Me CEO Jon Macdonald playing with their laptops in the wind and the rain (click to expand).