Official Trade Me iPhone application out today

Written by The Trade Me team in General and Top Seller at 11:00am, Thu 18 Nov 2010

The first edition of Trade Me’s official iPhone application is out and about today. You can download it for free from Apple's App Store over here. We’ve released this app because we see this as an important platform to connect with, and something that will make Trade Me easier to use for a bunch of our members.

We know it has been a long time coming, but it's been a big job. We didn’t want to launch an app just because we could. We reckon building an app in itself is not particularly hard, but building a decent app certainly is. As well as all the QA work, beta testing, planning and coding, we've also been very keen to ensure the app feels like it is part of Trade Me.

It's great to have the iPhone app out hard on the heels of our API being released into the great wide open last month. It means we are starting to see a suite of applications interfacing with Trade Me and we think that’s a good thing. Of course, this is the first edition and it is not perfect. We'll be working hard to refine it for version 2 at some stage.

Download the free Trade Me iPhone app now