Changes to our privacy policies

Written by The Trade Me team in General at 9:00am, Wed 6 Jun 2018

From June 27 Trade Me will have one privacy policy on our new privacy policy page. We currently have 12 different privacy policies across our different services. These policies are for:

• Trade Me
• FindSomeone
• Trade Me Insurance
• Onehub
• Tenancy Tracker
• Viewing Tracker
• Motorweb NZ
• Dealerbase
• Paystation
• Holiday Houses
• LifeDirect
• Tradevine

Our new policy makes it easier for you to navigate, allow us to create an even safer data environment within Trade Me, and help us provide you with better experiences online.

What's changed?

Other than the fact that we’ll have one policy instead of 12, there are some changes for each service. We’ve summarised them here so you can understand how this change impacts the Trade Me services you use.

The move to one privacy policy will allow us to use your personal information differently in three ways:

1. We’ll be able to share your personal information across services provided by Trade Me, but we won’t share any sensitive information we hold from services like Paystation, FindSomeone, LifeDirect, Trade Me Insurance and Tradevine.

2. If you’re an active Trade Me member (logged in in the last 18 months), we’ll be able to share your personal information with businesses that we fully or partly own (we call these 'Trade Me affiliated services'), unless you opt out.

3.If you’re an active Trade Me member, we’ll be able to share your personal information with trusted third parties for products that use tailored personal information (we call these 'tailored products'), unless you opt out.

If you haven’t been active on Trade Me for more than 18 months or don’t have a membership, we’ll automatically opt you out of having your personal information shared with affiliated services or for tailored products.

To make the changes above, we need to remove the line in our current policy about not renting or selling your data.

What hasn’t changed is our day to day practices. Privacy is important to Trade Me. It’s important that you trust Trade Me and what we do with your personal information.

What if I don’t want to share my personal information?

You can opt out of having your personal information shared. Just go to your Privacy options page and opt out if you don’t want us to use or disclose your personal information for customised advertising, tailored products or Trade Me affiliated services.

Where can I find more information?

All the information you need is on our new privacy policy page.

Here you can find:

• the new privacy policy (effective from 27 June)
summaries of changes for each Trade Me service
Privacy policy FAQs
our privacy principles.

If you have any other questions please get in touch.