Edit and relist process updated

Written by Trade Me staff at 12:00am, Wed 6 Aug 2003

There have been a number of improvements made to the edit and relist pages. Among other things, you can now

  • Delete photos from your auctions
  • Change an auction category before bids are placed
  • You will now be asked to confirm all changes to your auction before they are commited; no fees for extras will be charged until your changes are confirmed.

  • Site outage...

    Written by Trade Me staff at 1:06am, Fri 1 Aug 2003

    From 10pm last night (31 July) we have experienced some disruptions in service availability due to a failure in a second-tier suppliers links. They are currently (still) working on the problem.

    We are aware of the problems, and have extended all the auctions due to close in the early hours of this morning by 8hrs.

    Change to adult categories

    Written by Trade Me staff at 9:38am, Thu 31 Jul 2003

    From early next week Trade Me will no longer be allowing photos on listings in the adult books category and the adult DVD category. We have done this to maintain a quality site without explicit or offensive content.

    New rules for selling animals

    Written by Trade Me staff at 12:16pm, Fri 25 Jul 2003

    After advice from the SPCA we have changed the rules around the selling of pets. We no longer allow auctions of pets, these categories will be restricted to classified only. There is a listing fee of $7.50 in these categories.

  • Horses & ponies
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
    Farm livestock may still be sold by auction.

  • Seller auction start emails

    Written by Trade Me staff at 10:36am, Wed 23 Jul 2003

    We are now sending an email to the seller everytime you start an auction. This is being done for security reasons.

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